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Obrazac pristanka kandidata

Thank you for your interest in applying for a role at TELUS International Ireland (“TI") or one of our group companies. Before you submit your application, please read this notice and consent form, which explains why we need the information included in your application and what we will do with it. If you are happy to proceed, please click the submit button below, which provides your consent to our processing your personal data in line with this notice.

Koje informacije tražimo od Vas da navedete?

Lični podaci koje tražimo u obrascu za prijavu koriste se za procjenu Vaše prikladnosti za pozicije za koje se prijavljujete i za upravljanje procesom zapošljavanja. Informacije obuhvataju:

- Your name, address and contact information - which we need to make contact with you in relation to your application.

- Details of any previous qualifications - which help us assess whether you have qualifications relevant to the role for which you are applying.

- Details of your previous work experience - which give us an idea of your relevant experience.

- Detalje o Vašim jezičkim vještinama.

- Whether you have the right to work lawfully in the country where the position is situated - as this is a legal requirement any employer must satisfy.

Šta će se dogoditi s Vašim obrascem za prijavu i pratećim podacima nakon što ih podnesete?

The application form and the personal information you have included will initially be held on a CRM database that is stored on a secure cloud server system operated by a third party vendor, currently Avature. The application will then be assessed by the hiring team supported by automated tools that help us give you an answer sooner on how the position’s requirements match your skills. Certain personal data of applicants considered potentially suitable, will be transferred to a secure assessment platform operated by Interviewed, (the rest remaining on the original CRM database for the time being) and those candidates will be invited to participate in a series of on-line tests to assess relevant skills. The results of those tests using an automated system will be sent to hiring team and successful applicants will be sent a job offer. The personal data of applicants who accept a job offer will be transferred to our secure, cloud-based Workday database.

We reserve the right to use your personal information for the roles other than the one you have applied for, when we consider them more suitable or appropiate to your application.

Prijenos podataka izvan Evrope

Svaki od servera na kojima su pohranjeni Vaši lični podaci nalazi se u Evropi. Međutim, menadžeri za sticanje talenata ("TA"), voditelji timova, članovi TELUS International-ovog tima za nabavku, regrutaciju, zapošljavanje, HR i pravni timovi koji učestvuju u procesu zapošljavanja ili nadgledaju proces zapošljavanja će imati pristup serverima, a neki od ovih zaposlenih nalaze se izvan Evrope. Stoga, nakon što pošaljete obrazac za prijavu, Vaši lični podaci mogu se prenijeti izvan Evropskog ekonomskog prostora ("EEA"), čak i ako se prijavljujete za poziciju u Evropi. Dalje, Vaši podaci će biti dostupni drugim kompanijama u TELUS International grupi sa otvorenim pozicijama za koje ste se prijavili. Ne samo da tražimo Vašu saglasnost za ovaj prijenos, već imamo i ugovor o prijenosu podataka (na osnovu takozvanih EU standardnih ugovornih klauzula), između svake od naših evropskih kompanija i njihovih podružnica izvan Evropskog ekonomskog prostora. Ugovor predviđa da se svi podaci koji se prenose izvan Evropskog ekonomskog prostora podružnicama kompanije TELUS International koje nisu članice EU obrađuju u skladu s pravilima EU o zaštiti podataka.

Vaša prava u vezi sa Vašim informacijama

Imate pravo pristupiti, ispraviti, izbrisati ili ograničiti našu obradu ličnih podataka koje ste nam dostavili. Ako želite ostvariti ova prava ili imate bilo kakva pitanja u vezi s obradom Vaših ličnih podataka, možete se obratiti našem odgovornom službeniku za zaštitu podataka.

Name: Daiann Irigoyen

Pored toga, imate pravo da kontaktirate organ za zaštitu podataka u svojoj zemlji ako smatrate da je TI prekršio Vaša prava privatnosti

Mjere sigurnosti

The various databases on which your data is stored have security features built into them and our vendors who supply the relevant software regularly test these and have data recovery systems in place in the unlikely event of a crash. Vendor personnel are not given access to your personal data. Only authorised personnel within the hiring, sourcing, recruiting, HR or legal teams within the TELUS International group, (including TA managers and TA team leaders) can access the system. Their entry to the system is through individually-issued passwords and we have in place audit logs, encryption, intrusion detection software, anti-virus or malware protection and system integrity tools to further protect your data. Further information about the security features of our recruitment process can be obtained by emailing

Čuvanje podataka

The personal data of all candidates will remain in the system through the reminder of the current year and next year in the original CRM and Interviewed assessment platform and stored on our Workday databases as described above. To the extent it is relevant to the candidate’s employment, the data will be stored and processed for the purposes of their future employment with TI. The personal data of unsuccessful candidates will be retained for a period of up to one year after they made their application and thereafter, unless required for TI’ legitimate purposes (for example in the case of litigation with the candidate), or by law, the data will be deleted.


If having read this notice you consent to our processing your personal data in the manner set out above, please click on the accept button below. Even having done so, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting If you opt to do that, we will cease to process your application and the application including your personal data will be deleted from our databases.