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McKinley West



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Business Process Outsourcing

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Position Summary 

Manages and oversees the activities of a team of CSR's, ensuring that each individual performs at par  with the standards set by the company and the client. Monitors the performance of each team member  against specified account / program metrics, and provides the necessary support and assistance in order  for metrics to be improved on, attained, or exceeded. Regularly performs tasks related to team  management (i.e. coaching and mentoring, performance feedback-giving), as well as data reporting on  the team’s performance. Performs administrative duties for the team (i.e. payroll templates); Motivates  agents to perform at their maximum capacity in order to fulfill professional growth targets, enhance the  productivity of the account, and the overall profitability of the company. 

Functional Responsibilities 

  • Leads and manages a team of CSR's in the optimal execution of call center operations activities  (i.e. taking calls, addressing customer issues / complaints, placing sales orders). Ensures that  each team member meets / exceeds their goals and metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly  basis.  

  • Conducts performance management activities for team members supervised. Conducts timely  planning, assessment, and feedback meetings as stipulated in the company’s performance cycle.  Ensures that personal and team goals are set, and provides the necessary coaching, mentoring,  and assistance in order for team members to achieve their targets. Monitors each team  member’s performance throughout the shift, providing assistance, coaching, and mentoring as  necessary. Provides positive and constructive feedback on what individual team members need  to do in order to attain their daily targets.  

  • Handles escalation calls from CSR's as, exercising discernment on whether or not individuals are  capable of handling complex customer calls. Imparts knowledge and experience gained on the  floor in order to equip team members with the necessary skills to handle complex customer  interactions. 

  • Prepares reports on top and bottom performers and cross-checks this with overall metrics for the  account / program. Utilizes tangible and quantifiable data (i.e. Baleen metrics) as a basis for  providing rewards and recognition, as well as a means for coaching and mentoring. Maintains  transparency with the group on team / individual performance achieved. 

  • Brainstorms with fellow Team Leaders and the Operations Manager to discuss various issues /  problems faced by their respective teams. Analyzes and determines what affects agent / team  performance, establishes solutions, designs new incentive programs, and improves working  conditions based on findings. 

  • Prepares and submits reports on team performance to the Operations Manager. Discusses  overall team performance in relation to the objectives of the Company and the program / account.  Determines areas for improvement of the account’s performance and translates these to action  plans for the team. 

  • Ensures that all team members are aware of policy and procedural updates by coordinating for /  facilitating recurrent training of agents. Gathers information on Client updates on policies and  procedures, and conducts weekly training sessions that center on procedural updates / changes  in order to familiarize agents. 

  • Motivates and inspires all team members to perform better by formulating and implementing  regular (i.e. weekly, monthly) team activities. Designs incentive-based programs aimed at  motivating agents to attain the different goals and metrics, boost morale, and ultimately meet or  exceed service levels set by the Client.  

  • Manages the queue and controls abandoned calls by utilizing available equipment and resources  (i.e. CMS, hold time, AHT). Ensures that passing service levels are met and / or exceeded by  maximizing the headcount of CSR's on the floor. 

  • Acts as a Human Resources and HR-Business Partners point-person, having the jurisdiction to  address grievances in line with the Company’s policies / procedures and the Labor Code of the  Philippines. Takes initiative in acquiring the necessary Human Resources knowledge in order to  increase one’s supervisory capabilities. Primarily handles grievances / issues (i.e. attendance,  performance, behavior and attitude) prior to escalating these to the Human Resources – Business Partners. 

  • Attends to Compensation and Benefits concerns of assigned CSR's, focusing on payroll disputes,  the timely preparation and submission of payroll templates. Accurately tracks and indicates hours  of overtime and night differential rendered by each assigned agent for the proper computation of  salary. 

Additional Job Description

PLEASE READ: This resource would require to work onsite.

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EEO Statement

At TELUS International, we enable customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. TELUS International is the global arm of TELUS Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Canada.   We deliver contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to some of the world's largest corporations in the consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications and utilities sectors. With global call center delivery capabilities, our multi-shore, multi-language programs offer safe, secure infrastructure, value-based pricing, skills-based resources and exceptional customer service - all backed by TELUS, our multi-billion dollar telecommunications parent.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At TELUS International, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All aspects of employment, including the decision to hire and promote, are based on applicants’ qualifications, merits, competence and performance without regard to any characteristic related to diversity.