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Torre Pradera



Job Type

Support Positions

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Description and Requirements

WFM, Real-Time Analyst - Guatemala


Creating attendance reports, metrics according to the needs of the Account; monitoring the flow of calls, chats and/or emails; auxiliary monitoring; adherence exception reports; report writing productivity, and the development and automation of new reports, recommend overtime or VTO (voluntary time off) based on daily performance, coordinate the issue resolution process between frontline and supporting teams whenever a system issue occurs, constant communication between: client, operations, training and management, tracking attrition, absenteeism, and unproductive hours.


  • Schedule flexibility (availability on weekends) - Required.

  • Availability to work from the office - Mandatory

Skills & Qualifications: 

  • Positive attitude

  • Strong Leadership skills

  • Proactivity.

  • Organized.

  • Ability to solve problems (Statistics, mathematical logic Skills)

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Creativity and Innovation.

  • Strong Teamwork spirit

  • Attention to detail



  • English B2 - Required.

• Oral and written comprehension.

• Appropriate use of language.

  • MS Office Advanced - Required.

  • Google Sheets

  • Advanced Excel skills (Functions: SUMIF Joint, average, Count, conditioning formulas ( IF, AND, OR ) - Required

  • Preparation and presentation of advanced graphics

  • PivotTables

  • Search the data value by:VLOOKUP.

  • Format Cells

  • Advanced Filters

  • General BPO knowledge.

  • IEX, Verint - Desirable.

  • Data Studio - Required

Studies & Experience:

  • At least two years of university studies in Systems Engineering or related careers - Desirable.

  • Experience in similar positions - Desirable.

***This job description is subject to changes or updates according to TELUS International  business needs***

Additional Job Description

The Real-Time Analyst is responsible for managing all intraday processes in support of operations to achieve the business objective of service level, maximizing efficiency and occupancy. Is also responsible for the real-time monitoring of all queues and skillsets, making adjustments to call allocations driven by real-time trends. Responsible for the real-time monitoring of agents, ensuring adherence to their schedules, handling pending time-off requests, schedule changes, and the daily exception management of IEX.