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United States of America

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Digital Solutions

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On Site

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Setup all the configurations- Core-Site, HDFS-Site, YARN-Site and Map Red-Site. However, when working with popular hadoop distribution like Hortonworks, Cloudera or MapR the configuration files are set up on startup and the hadoop admin need not configure them manually.
● Responsible for capacity planning and estimating the requirements for lowering or increasing the capacity of the hadoop cluster.
● Responsible for deciding the size of the hadoop cluster based on the data to be stored in HDFS.
● Ensures that the hadoop cluster is up and running all the time.
● Monitoring the cluster connectivity and performance.
● Manage and review Hadoop log files.
● Backup and recovery tasks
● Resource and security management
● Troubleshooting application errors and ensuring that they do not occur again.
● Deploys Hadoos cluster, maintains clusters and manages to add or remove nodes using cluster monitoring (Cloudera Manager) configuring the NameNode high availability and keeping a track of all the running hadoop jobs.
● Implement, manage and administer the overall hadoop infrastructure.
● Takes care of the day-to-day running of Hadoop clusters
● A Hadoop administrator will have to work closely with the database team, network team, BI team and application teams to make sure that all the big data applications are highly available and performing as expected.

Additional Job Description

Senior Developer - Big Data