Basic Information

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Primary Location

Ortigas Center



Job Type

Support Positions

Description and Requirements

Position Summary

Ensures spending utilization is within plan & timely issuance of accurate invoices to clients are done on the vertical the position is assigned to. Responsible for providing periodic reporting on profitability and spend to its assigned budget owners.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Provides periodic management reports on budget utilizations and other financial impacting metrics that will help management make an informed decision. 

  • Assists in the budget & reforecast exercise by providing historical data to the budget templates. Monitors spending of assigned cost centers to ensure everything is within plan. 

  • Ensures company spending is within budget and adapt depending on revenue outcome. Tracks closely revenue & profitability metrics, variance analysis and report variances to stakeholders. Assists in the closing cycle by working with stakeholders to come up with revenue accruals for the period end.                                              

  • Issue accurate invoices on a timely manner. Ensures revenue and pass-through invoices are sent out at set deadlines