Basic Information

Ref Number


Primary Location

Ortigas Center



Job Type

Digital Solutions

Description and Requirements

  • Advising Customer on GCP optimized architectures for data management, help develop roadmaps for on-prem to Cloud migration effort
  • Participate in crafting customer-facing proposal responses along with Costing based on requirements and other NFRs like scalability, availability, DR, and resiliency.
  • Discuss requirements with Solution Architect and Product Owner.  
  • Propose Solution Architecture and High-Level Design based on Google Cloud-Native Services.
  • Provide End to End Solution Design based on requirements.
  • Provide High-level Design and other design documents
  • Understanding business drivers and emerging computing trends
  • Experience in data warehouse/data engineering with strong hands-on experience in ETL
  • Should have good hands-on network infrastructure and Security from GCP standpoint.
  • Candidate should know the following services and have worked on hand-on:

    • Google BigQuery
    • Google Storage
    • Google Dataflow
    • DataProc
    • Python
    • PubSub
    • Airflow/Composer
    • Kubernetes
    • CloudSQL
    • Cloud Build
    • Terraform
  • Data extraction from relational source using Sqoop and Data transformation using data frames using Python
  • Processed data loading in Bigquery from Google cloud storage using GCP Dataproc. Scheduling end to end using GCP cloud composer service. Maintaining BQ datasets for reporting requirements