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McKinley West



Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Description and Requirements

  1. Leads and manages a team of CSR's in the optimal execution of call center operations activities (i.e. taking calls, addressing customer issues / complaints, placing sales orders). Ensures that each team member meets / exceeds their goals and metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  2. Conducts performance management activities for team members supervised. Conducts timely planning, assessment, and feedback meetings as stipulated in the company’s performance cycle. Ensures that personal and team goals are set, and provides the necessary coaching, mentoring, and assistance in order for team members to achieve their targets. Monitors each team member’s performance throughout the shift, providing assistance, coaching, and mentoring as necessary. Provides positive and constructive feedback on what individual team members need to do in order to attain their daily targets.
  3. Handles escalation calls from CSR's as, exercising discernment on whether or not individuals are capable of handling complex customer calls. Imparts knowledge and experience gained on the floor in order to equip team members with the necessary skills to handle complex customer interactions.

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Additional Job Description

Manages and oversees the activities of a team of CSR's, ensuring that each individual performs at par with the standards set by the company and the client. Monitors the performance of each team member against specified account / program metrics, and provides the necessary support and assistance in order for metrics to be improved on, attained, or exceeded. Regularly performs tasks related to team management (i.e. coaching and mentoring, performance feedback-giving), as well as data reporting on the team’s performance.  Performs administrative duties for the team (i.e. payroll templates); Motivates agents to perform at their maximum capacity in order to fulfill professional growth targets, enhance the productivity of the account, and the overall profitability of the company.