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Ortigas Center



Job Type

Support Positions

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Description and Requirements

Position Summary:

Responsible for all areas relating to financial reporting. Responsible for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements. Addresses tight deadlines and a multitude of accounting activities including general ledger preparation, financial reporting, year-end audit preparation, and regulatory compliances.

Additional Job Description

Functional Responsibilities:

1. Have a strong foundation in BIR, PEZA, and BOC existing rules and regulations

2. Knowledgeable in BOI existing rules and regulations

3. Drive timely and accurate company tax compliance and tax audit with BIR

4. Performs thorough review and is responsible for documentation of all tax-related files

5. Ensure 100% compliance with monthly and annual PEZA reportorial

6. Responsible for all PEZA/BOI Incentive application requirements for ITH validation and extension

7. Monitors BOI, BOC & PEZA permits and manages timely dues documents for compliance and registration

8. Develops BIR, BOI & PEZA plan, policy, and processes for current compliance

9. Performs such other duties for BIR, PEZA & BOI projects as may be assigned from time to time

10. Team member supervision and promotes spirited teamwork