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Digital Solutions

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Description and Requirements

  • To manage complex customer projects from design and development to production with end to end delivery responsibility; ensuring delivery excellence and customer delight.

  • Coordinate with internal teams to create customer plans including specific responsibilities of each team, release schedule, program milestones and deliverables, terms of acceptance, etc.

  • Develop strong and trusted relationships with customers through timely and accurate communications.

  • Work closely with customers in understanding project requirements and issues for successfully implementing business projects.

  • Inform customers on business execution processes, marketing/sales procedures, etc.

  • Facilitate meetings, calls, follow-ups and other communications with clients and

  • management throughout the business project development and implementation stages.

  • Coordinate, execute, track and deliver various customer projects from initiation through completion.

  • Interface and engage with customers at a strategic level, ensuring that not only the current project requirements are met but forecast needs or issues that may arise and devise ways to address those proactively.

  • Analyze project metrics to determine project developments and success factors.

  • Schedule product and quality reviews to meet client expectations.

  • Ensure timely delivery of products and services to clients as committed.

  • Identify and resolve operational and services related issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Assess risks at the customer project level so as to develop and execute risk and contingency management plans as needed.

  • Inform senior management and clients on project status, schedules and key issues on a regular basis.

  • Provide timely responses to all customer-driven performance inquiries.

  • Work with the business team in contract renewals, extensions, and scope change activities.

  • Improve key aspects of the project lifecycle to creatively address complex problems.

  • Ensure overall program lifecycle deployment by defining resources and schedules for program implementation. Influence customer perception positively and contribute to relationship management and drive account farming.

  • Support and cultivate a culture of completing documentation and reviews, particularly the ongoing and post project knowledge management related actions.

  • Ensure that going forward the best practices become a part of the standard process.

  • Create and maintain program level dashboards to enable effective project management.

  • Promote teamwork, motivate, mentor, develop subordinates and manage any conflicts within the teams.

  • Align with the multiple units across company and offshore and onsite teams for creating an effective value chain for the customers.

  • Ensure that skill sets in the team are built with the necessary certification.

  • Play the role of the Mentor and Coach to the team, sometimes working with many levels down, to both assess and develop their technical/professional capabilities.

Additional Job Description

  • Must possess good verbal written communication skills.

  • Ability to work in a team and handle pressure and demands.