Basic Information

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Primary Location

Cork-Campus One

Description and Requirements

Additional Job Description

Come and join our international and multicultural Language Data Analyst Team in Cork, Ireland! You will work in an agile environment carrying out data analysis, identifying and resolving issues, implementing regular training and collaborating with colleagues in your native language to improve the model for the larger AI project.  The data will train and improve speech recognition and AI systems.

  • Work in both your native language and English. 
  • Resolve queries to train/improve/adapt the model
  • This position may include transcription, grading and data labelling
  • Work within an agile environment where tasks can change quickly
  • Work on different tasks / projects simultaneously.
  • Work largely independently, collaboration is also integral to project success
  • Manage task priorities and delivering quality work on time
  • Meet and maintain project expectations and standards. Work to the direction of your supervisors and with the wider team on various tasks.
  • Provide daily reports and feedback to your supervisors
  • Participate in training and development sessions with your team members & engage with other learning support mechanisms as appropriate
  • Work with a number of tools and applications 
  • Potentially provide training and support to other members of your team; working collaboratively to achieve a team goal.

Role Requirements & Skills

  • Required native language fluency: Swedish
  • Excellent writing/spelling and listening skills in your native language. 
  • In-depth knowledge of native culture, staying up to date with day-to-day news and happenings in the target country and regular use of the language required - multi-generational knowledge 
  • English: Proficient reading, writing and comprehension skills, as the language of the larger team communications, is required for understanding role support documentation and communications with the international team. 
  • Problem-solvingand reasoning skills.
  • Linguistics or IT background preferred, but not required. 
  • Competent computer and software skills across different operating systems. Mac OS proficiency preferable. 
  • Meeting daily KPI's to meet project requirements. 
  • Understanding and experience with voice recognition software is required.
  • Ability to track, analyse, report issues and work progression
  • Proactiveness (confidence in sharing information, escalating when necessary /appropriate)
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Flexibility to respond and react to changing priorities quickly and efficiently
  • Highly organised with attention to detail and a commitment to quality


  • Linguistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Computer skills
  • Speech Recognition
  • Transcription
  • English competency
  • Communication skills