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South Africa

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Business Process Outsourcing

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On Site

Description and Requirements

▪ Manages the QA Team by setting their weekly goals and specific tasks, subsequently monitoring their performance against these established goals / objectives. Ensures that Client and Company requirements for Customer Experience, as well as the program’s CE goals / objectives, are met with the contribution of QA Auditors.

▪ Oversees the generation of accurate reports drafted on QA matters before forwarding to the requisitioning party. Oversees the proper collation of data provided by various parties. Makes recommendations, as required, to address QA and CE-specific issues / concerns. Ensures that reports are accurately processed, delivered, and documented following the company policies.

▪ Advises quality assurance issues to the different units during meetings of key stakeholders. Reports auditing updates, discusses issues and identifies possible interventions with concerned departments

▪ Designs and implements action plans, policies, and procedures to guarantee high CSAT performance of the company as directed by Management a. Coordinates with other departments for calibration and support as necessary.

▪ Studies, designs and decides on the QA tools, e.g. QA audit forms and CTQ attributes, to be used for his program to ensure the company’s performance on QA metrics like CSAT

▪ Attends and / or facilitates conference calls and meetings with clients, CE staff, and/or other internal departments regarding QA data and issues. Spearheads and / or attends meetings and conference calls to ensure accurate dissemination of QA-specific items

▪ Coaches, mentors, conducts one-on-one discussions and manages the performance of QA team members regarding work ethics, productivity, KPIs and career growth. Devises development plans, performance interventions, and career paths and prepares them to handle increased responsibilities.

▪ Keeps abreast on departmental morale as derived from discussions with QA staff. Maintains an atmosphere of open communication by scheduling regular group discussions with team members to illicit information on needs, requests, and issues currently faced. Coordinates and assists in resolving concerns faced by QA team members.

▪ Prepares the payroll files based of his/her direct reports’ attendance. Ensures the timely submission of payroll files to Compensation & Benefits for the on-time and accurate crediting of salaries. Coordinate Training Delivery: • Identifies areas of opportunity within the account and address them; • Schedules training rooms and trainers; • Provides supervision of courses through trainer/training evaluations and proper feedback; • Monitors course attendance and performance; • Assigns trainers tasks and activities based on availability; • Schedules vacation days and compensation days.

▪ Training the Trainers:

• Provides orientation to new trainers;

• Shares best practices with the trainers;

• Ensures Trainers have the knowledge of the account’s procedures and processes;

• Sets department rules and expectations.

▪ Enforcing Account Policies and Procedures:

• Ensures that the account’s and Training standard procedures are being followed properly;

• Provides coaching and developing for trainers who don’t properly adhere to directives;

• Develops new policies and procedures based on the department’s needs at the time.

▪ Analyze Trainer Performance and Reporting:

• Reviews and analyzes the reports that are sent by trainers;

• Reorganizes trainer tasks and activities based on availability and findings;

• Compiles department bonus reports based on trainer performance;

• Performs evaluations of training and provide feedback.

▪ Content and Material Development:

• Works alongside trainers, Q.A managers and Shift Managers to identify specific needs;

• Uses findings to coordinate development of contents and material that will address their areas of opportunity;

• Ensures that trainers are properly trained on working with different material;

• Adapts existing material to different account situations.

Minimum requirements:

- 2 years experience in Management

- 2 years experience in Quality Assurance

- Proficiency in Google Workspace

Additional Job Description

This role combines the experience of a Training lead with the experience of a Quality Assurance Lead.

EEO Statement

At TELUS International, we enable customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. TELUS International is the global arm of TELUS Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Canada.   We deliver contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to some of the world's largest corporations in the consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications and utilities sectors. With global call center delivery capabilities, our multi-shore, multi-language programs offer safe, secure infrastructure, value-based pricing, skills-based resources and exceptional customer service - all backed by TELUS, our multi-billion dollar telecommunications parent.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At TELUS International, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All aspects of employment, including the decision to hire and promote, are based on applicants’ qualifications, merits, competence and performance without regard to any characteristic related to diversity.
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