Basic Information

Ref Number


Primary Location

Seoul - Bixby


South Korea

Job Type

Support Positions

Description and Requirements

  • Manage the project by accurately understanding the needs of the customer & the project to meet customer expectations.
  • Plan, organize teams & schedules, track and manage the entire production process.
  • Communicate with the production team, including the customer and project team.
  • Plan budget, monitor and control overall cost
  • Provide project training, address issues and prepare risks.
  • Perform project quality management so that it can be delivered at a quality that meets customer expectations.
  • Manage Human resources

Additional Job Description

-Handle various financial tasks such as budgeting, controlling margain, billing and invoicing on time accurately -Act main communication window to clients, internal and external production team -Act a Key player to deliver good quality of services to client, which leads project sustainability and growth.

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