Basic Information

Ref Number


Primary Location

Noida - 135 - BPO



Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Work Style

On Site

Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities 

1. Provides expedient and accurate customer service to all client customers. Addresses customer concerns, queries, issues, complaints and/or places sales orders and product information requests. Prepares reports by accessing account database, analyzing the information contained and providing useful accurate and appropriate data. 

2. When necessary, escalates complex customer interactions to the appropriate party as designated and identified for each issue, specially when these issues, concerns, complaints and queries are beyond one's jurisdiction and scope of knowledge. 

3. Performs callbacks/return calls to customers when initial calls are received during system downtimes. Ensures that the necessary customer care/inbound sales process and procedures are carried out in call backs. 

4. Takes the initiative to be updated with the latest account information from the client by reading e-mail updates sent and attending recurrent training sessions. Ensures one's own understanding of account / program updates and applies this in daily work. 

5. Acts as a team player, interacting with fellow CSR's/TSR's and contributing to team cohesion. Supports the Team Leader in all initiatives aimed at driving individual / team performance and attaining individual / team goals. Participates in team evaluations as scheduled by the Team Leader to identify reasons behind actual performance. 6. Monitor one's own performance against established metrics and ensures attainment of these metrics to effect oveall account / program success. Solicits feedback from fellow CSR's/TSR's and the Team Leader on how to improve current performance

Additional Job Description

Provides top quality customer service / technical support to all customers of the account / program. Attends to customer queries, concerns and issues regarding services and/or sales orders and submits accurate data/reports on customer queries/sales orders. Takes advantage of every customer interaction as an opportunity to creat customer loyalty, reduce customer attrition and increase the client's competitive advantage over the other key players in the industry. Interacts with a team of CSR's/TSR's and supports the Team Leader in all initiatives aimed at driving individual and team performance and attaining individual / team goals.