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Description and Requirements

Position Summary

Ensures that service level targets are met across all accounts through proper scheduling of Call Center Operations personnel of the company.  Responsible for FTE forecasting in order to meet targets based on call volume projections, subsequently coordinating the established targets to Human Resources and Training.  Analyzes and plans for proper seating requirements based on call volume and current existing manpower.  Ensures that the Command Center and its Coordinators are fully aware of performance expectations of the accounts (i.e. entering schedule exceptions, responding to system downtime, monitoring service level performance).  Prepares and submits reports for both internal and external clients with emphasis on accuracy and timeliness.

Functional Responsibilities

  1. Ensures that appropriate Operations schedules are designed, implemented, and released on time.  Analyzes historical call arrival patterns, AHT performance, and all shrinkage factors (i.e. absenteeism, attrition, training) and considers these in the scheduling of Operations personnel.  Ensures that enough FTEs are deployed every interval to hit service metrics for the accounts.

  2. Forecasts FTE requirements per week / month.  Analyzes call volume projections, service metrics targets versus current performance trends on AHT, absenteeism, attrition, occupancy, and service level performance.  Ensures that there are enough FTEs to address projected locked call volumes by being able to hire, train and deploy agents on time.

  3. Projects seating requirements per program based on current manpower and upcoming / existing business needs.  Utilizes a designed capacity template and validates seating projections using current maximum manpower deployment based on schedules.  Ensures that Operations personnel have available seats during their shifts.

  4. Monitors Command Center performance through real-time monitoring and coaching of Command Center Coordinators and close coordination with the Command Center Supervisor.  Ensures that each Command Center associate is aware of their responsibilities and the real-time impact of their decisions.

  5. Coordinates with all internal departments / functions on Workforce findings that need immediate addressing (i.e. hiring needs per account, start and live dates of trainees, system downtimes and troubleshooting, number of seats for expansion).

Additional Job Description

The Workforce Manager ensures that service level targets are met across all accounts through proper scheduling of Call Center Operations personnel of the company.