Basic Information

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Primary Location

Noida - 135 - BPO



Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities:-

  • Transaction Monitoring - Monitors and audits transactions performed by CSRs against internal and/or external quality assurance requirements to deliver an excellent customer experience. Ensures that transaction monitoring goals and requirements are met. This monitoring should lead to relevant findings that will impact business need.

  • Reporting - Creates & updates Customer Experience reports (e.g., Daily Internal Errors, Scorecard Upload, MIS, Verint 11, etc.) for the account by retrieving and updating the respective files and data. Maintains the files updated for accurate analysis and process improvement/innovation.

  • Targeted analysis - Reviews, analyzes, and interprets data that affects Customer Experience metrics. Highlights areas for improving immediate necessities, and overall strengths impacting the customer experience. Creates effective recommendations to drive account performance.

  • Flagging behaviors - Investigates customer complaints and/or non-compliance to Customer Experience standards. Recommends corrective actions in accordance to applicable company policies. Issues Incident Reports to the Team Leaders for red flag CSR behaviours and compliance requirements observed during transaction monitoring. Performs further deep dive of other relevant data when necessary.

  • Calibrations and Call Listening - Prepares in advance to analyze calibration material, and ensures compliance with deadlines. Facilitates and actively participates during discussions to ensure alignment with business, customer experience data, and coaching methodology catering to internal and external customers. Builds a call library that internal or external customer may use for learning sessions, meetings, etc.

  • New hire / Nesting support - Complies with specific number of audits established by CE Team Lead to provide immediate findings to Operations and training department. Creates and conducts onboarding activities (orientation, mock calls, demo calls, etc.) to ensure new hires have a clear understanding about TELUS International customer experience standards, as well as client requirements.

  • Presentations and meetings - Presents summary of CE performance, findings, recommendations, updates, etc. to internal or external customers through business reviews, huddles, and meetings. Interacts with internal and external customers on program drivers and recommendations for quality improvement.

  • Mentoring - Helps CE Team Lead in onboarding new CE Analysts through orientation, job shadowing, training facilitation, etc. Mentors newly onboarded CE Analysts in their daily tasks. Mentors assigned CE analysts outside of onboarding activities and can stand as team POC in the absence of the CE Team Lead.

  • Others - Performs tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor to accomplish accounts quality objectives.

Requirements :-

Educational Qualification - Bachelors degree in any field

Experience - At least one year (1-2) call center experience as Quality Analyst

Language Reference