Basic Information

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Primary Location

McKinley West



Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Work Style

On Site

Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities 
  • Updates and processes data for real-time performance analysis. 
  • Obtains quantifiable performance figures (i.e. call volume, AHT, running service level) in order to make critical recommendations to address account performance issues. 
  • Manages and monitors the queue for the Operations account against the attainment of passing service levels. 
  • Keenly observes the queue and proactively responds with action plans for the account’s activities by continually communicating with Team Captains and Operations Management. 
  • Acts as the central point of communication regarding account performance by cascading vital information to key decision-makers. 
  • Escalates relevant information on account performance to Management and ensures proper document on major incidents. Keeps abreast of new policies and procedures addressing day-to-day issues of specific accounts. 
  • Provides information on key issues and challenges in attaining service levels, and devises necessary responses to resolve such matters. 
  • Occasionally conducts training for Team Captains in order to equip them with the necessary skills for real-time queue management. 
  • Conducts training for new hires, or as required for Operations. 

Additional Job Description

Position Summary.

Ensures passing service levels for each Operations account by engaging in real-time management of the queue. Responds to and acts as the central point of communication in all events and of circumstances impacting account performance.