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McKinley West



Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Work Style

On Site

Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities 

  • Provide agents with a working schedule for the business week, incorporating all client requirements (i.e. retraining, call backs) as well as forecasting and scheduling assumptions. 
  • Analyzes volume arrival and other pertinent patterns by gathering data from WFM tools. 
  • Staffs the appropriate number of agents at the proper time based on recent / historical call arrival patterns. 
  • Addresses issues or discrepancies with the Client’s own call arrival patterns against the account’s / program’s actual arrival patterns for the site. 
  • Regularly monitors trends and flags any changes that may impact resource allocation. 
  • Recommends solutions to scheduling conflicts and / or special scheduling requests. 
  • Coordinates with Operation POCs for activities (i.e. phone, non-phone) that need to be scheduled. 
  • Gathers, compiles and processes all headcount reports, leave and schedule requests. 
  • Provides the program with realistic schedules based on current manpower resources and performance. 

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Additional Job Description

Position Summary 

Generates schedules for the assigned programs / campaigns, ensuring adherence to service goals and client requirements.