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  • Technical Analysts(TA's) collaborate with both internal and external teams to gather, analyze and document the technical details of each service solution.

  • Analysts also collaborate and support constituents who are integrating with our services, or have questions about the functionality of the existing services.

  • Technical Analysts(TA's) are responsible for translating the high-level business requirements into service technical requirements in the form of Technical Specification Document(TSD).

  • The technical business analyst must be able to produce data analysis artifacts. They must be able to interpret and design data models and must be able to define all the technical terms used in data analysis.

  • A technical analyst is responsible for analyzing technical information and aligning it to the business strategies and procedures in meeting project goals TA will collaborate with internal teams such as Architecture, Development, QA & Operations and external BA/SA teams such as IT Architecture, Constituents, Business Stakeholders and various other groups as required.

  • TA's will create Technical Specification Documents(TSD's) which contains functional requirements, request and response elements, sequence or process diagrams, data mappings and business logic for developers to create usable code

  • TA will review the new or updated TSD design with lead architect to gain their approval prior to development and testing

  • Other responsibilities include troubleshooting functional defects reported by the Quality Assurance Team (QA), updating TSDs for any fixes required, answering questions regarding service functionality and working with constituents when they are integrating with the web services or applications


  • Requirement gathering

  • Readiness assessment

  • Process Design

  • Data Analysis

  • Data dictionary

  • Impact analysis

  • Decision analysis

  • High Level Acceptance Criteria

  • Sequence/Process Flow/Activity diagrams

  • Root Cause Analysis

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Position: Technical Analyst