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Bengaluru- Indiqube



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Digital Solutions

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Job Description

Telus International AI Data Solutions or TI AI for short, has been a global leader in data services since 2005. Listed on Feb 21 on the NYSE, TI, now has a market cap of $10Million+. With Playment’s acquisition on July 21, we now have a combined strength in video, images, audio text labelling, serving the world’s top ML teams. We’ve built a truly industry agnostic platform to support the growing needs of our customers. Eg of our customer use cases - Automotive companies build self-driving capabilities, Agriculture companies for identifying weeds & fruit picking, Insurance companies for claim processing & damage detection, Retail companies for shelf tracking, Drone/Satellite imagery for terrain analysis, E-commerce for cataloguing & visual object understanding etc.

Why is it important?

High-quality training data is quintessential to improve the precision of ML algorithms. Forbes lists ‘Autonomous Cars’ as one of the technology trends for the next decade and also estimates ML engineers spent 70% of their time in pre/post-processing & data management steps. Companies need to build sophisticated tooling (supporting all forms of sensor data), hire and manage hundreds of skilled people to ensure high-quality labelled data. Our autonomous driving customers estimate 1 hour of video data needs 800 man-hours of manual human work. Today, in the wake of the autonomous car industry only a few million km of data has been labelled, and 10x more will be collected before the world sees them on the road. Just as DevOps is critical to tech implementation, AI Ops will be a big challenge as AI development commercialises in the next 5-10 years. We aim to become an AI data platform, a critical part of the AI infrastructure stack.

Role Description

Responsibilities :

  • Build frontend interfaces for our new products & optimise user experience in our vast product suite
  • Add new annotation capabilities in our tool using 2d/3d rendering technologies and optimise performance
  • Understand and follow Playment's standards for the software development life cycle
  • Work closely with product and tech team to deliver efficient, maintainable and unit tested software
  • Collaborate with product & business teams to understand customer journey and come up with solutions that help Playment grow
  • Contribute to the architecture and design of new and existing systems

Requirements :

  • You have strong problem solving skills and are a fast learner
  • You have understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • You have at least 3-4 years experience in front-end development, should have 1-2 yr backend experience preferably in java/python
  • You have experience in React - Redux / Vue and have strong hold on low level programming/syntax in JavaScript
  • You have knowledge of frontend architecture & design patterns and have extensively worked on implementing & improving them
  • You know how to find and fix performance issues
  • Experience in developing 3d rendering applications using THREE.js is a big plus
  • Experience in Typescript is a big plus
  • You are a team player

Benefits :

  • Work with a world class team working on a very forward looking problem
  • Competitive Pay
  • Health insurance for the family
  • Open culture
  • Work accessories and a great work location
  • Flexible timings

Additional Job Description

  • At least 3-4 years experience in front-end development and 1-2 year backend experience preferably in java/python
  • Experience in React - Redux / Vue and have strong hold on low level programming/syntax in JavaScript
  • Experience in Typescript is a big plus

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