Basic Information

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Primary Location

Noida - 135 - BPO



Description and Requirements

The WFM Analyst (RTA) is responsible for managing all intraday processes in support of operations to achieve the business objective of service level, maximizing efficiency and occupancy. 

Main Responsibilities: Attend daily staffing review meetings detailing previous and current week’s performance, provide weekly and daily recommendations to Operations or Support Areas. Manage intraday service level acceptable goals, monitor real-time adherence to schedules and flow of calls, chats and/or emails, approve real-time request for offline events, recommend overtime or VTO based on daily performance, provide an impact analysis for outages, staffing shortages or other unplanned events. Perform updates to productivity reports from the assigned account, update schedules to reflect accurate intraday projections, code exceptions and made roster updates in WFM Tools. 

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