Basic Information

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Primary Location

Ortigas Center



Job Type

Support Positions

Work Style

On Site

Description and Requirements

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop BI solutions in line with the TI Standard Offering Reporting Definition for newly launched accounts

  • Creates relational data models (Kimball/Inmon methodologies), builds dashboards and leads the “unit-testing” stage of BI Development (i.e. testing overall functionality of BI tool and ensuring data accuracy)

  • Work closely with the Data Engineering team through development iterations to develop a knowledge and understanding of Database Design Principles.

  • Assists and observes the Junior BI Developer in the creation of data cubes and dashboards to further his/her own development.

Additional Job Description

Position Summary


We are looking for someone who is passionate about data and is eager to learn and grow with us. You will join our centralized BI & Analytics team that is responsible for the delivery of analytics, reporting and data engineering solutions for all of our TI Operation Accounts and GSS Support Functions. The Reporting Analysts are the data specialists who contribute to organizational improvement by gathering and analyzing data, preparing reports, and introducing process improvements throughout the reporting process. They have excellent analytical and technical skills, in addition to a keen ability to determine specifications and standards for business reporting and maintaining data integrity.