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McKinley West

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Arizona - DNU, British Columbia - DNU, California - DNU, Colorado - DNU, Georgia - DNU, Missouri - DNU, New Jersey - DNU, North Carolina - DNU, Ontario - DNU, Pennsylvania - DNU, Quebec - DNU, Virginia - DNU, Washington - DNU



Description and Requirements

The Business Process Excellence Analyst II (Business Analyst)
  • is responsible for tracking and supporting the implementation of improvement projects and methodologies closely partnering with operations and the client. 
  • Brings dedicated support to the business to ensure that process improvement is deployed in all areas. 
  • Supports the needs of business leaders on critical opportunities that might be ambiguous in nature or hard to assess with Lean Six Sigma Methodology. 
  • Develops root cause identification and execution with a problem-solving framework in all TI leaders. 
  • Encourages project execution with or without training and the process excellence culture at all levels of the organization. 
  • Engages sponsors and mentors around the organization to support projects. 
  • Engages frontline for feedback in improving processes and tools, generates hard financial benefits by prioritizing the most strategic opportunities in the business.
Main Responsibilities:
  • Provide in-depth data analysis including trends, statistics and root causes, develop insights from data analysis, contribute to the creation of global, regional and OM level improvement strategies, prioritize projects and/or opportunities based on business impact, implement and reinforce global standards and initiatives. 
  • Monitor client implementation initiatives and health, deliver improvement methodologies (Lean Six Sigma/Lean ) training plan, mentor teams to complete projects at a regional level.
Skills :
  • Advanced Analytical skills Stakeholder management Leadership skills and business ownership.
  • Passion for process improvement, high performance and creativity to solve challenges.
  • Change management skills, ability to initiate change and influence others in a positive way Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to develop effective relationships to work with multi-disciplinary teams

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