Basic Information

Ref number


Primary Location

TELUS Harbour Toronto



Description and Requirements

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • 10+ years of experience in designing/deploying/documenting network solutions for large clients.
  • 10+ years of experience in technical consulting and project leadership, including a proven ability to define and shape winning solutions for clients.
  • 5+ years of experience leading teams of other technical subject matter experts and architects.
  • 5 to 10 years of experience in Agile Methodology.
  • Experience in designing and developing large-scale systems.
  • Experience in analyzing and responding to market requirements, RFIs, etc.
  • Experience with system-level testing and performance evaluation of network solutions and familiarity with related tools.
  • Experience with wireless networking including Wi-Fi and cellular networking technologies
  • Experience working in multiple industries.
  • Demonstrated competency and knowledge of the Python programming language.
  • Experience in shell scripting and network automation platforms such as Ansible, AWX, Chef, Puppet, Terraform, or others.
  • Demonstrated competency and knowledge of Linux operating systems such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, or others; containerization platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes; and virtualization technologies such as VMWare and KVM.
  • Familiarity with network security, Dev-Ops, Dev-Sec-Ops, Dev-Net-Ops.
Technologies Experience
  • Network L2 switching with VLANs, STP, vPC, LACP, VXLAN, Geneve. (Required)
  • Network L3 routing with BGP, OSPF, EVPN, MPLS. (Required)
  • Network Security firewalls VMware NSX-T, FortiGate. (Required)
  • Network Security IDS/IPS, ACLs, NATs, SSL/TLS and IPSEC VPNs. (Required)
  • Site-to-Site, multi-site, site-to-cloud, and client-based VPN. (Required)
  • Data Center Networking (VMware NSX-T). (Required)
  • Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM, AWS
  • ● Cisco Networks NXOS, ACI and IOS based platforms in HA.
  • ● SD-WAN networking (Velocloud, Versa, Viptela, etc).
  • ● Load balancers (F5, NSX-T, A10, NetScalar, etc.).
  • ● Deep network troubleshooting analysis with a network trace/dump, Wireshark, etc.
  • ● Automation on platforms like Chef, Ansible, Terraform, GitHub or others.
  • Lead teams towards a desired outcome and eliminate impediments.
  • Applied enterprise automation strategies and principles. Ability to facilitate workshops and articulate key technologies’ impact on security, availability, cost, capacity, transformation, risk, business enablement, and transformation objectives.
  • Applied client-facing ability to understand and provide guidance and recommendations on solutions to address clients’ needs, challenges and transformations.
  • Evaluate risk and merit to make recommendations on available and speculative information, and make recommendations.
Studies and Certifications
  • University graduate in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics & Electricals or other related fields. (Required)
  • Cloud certification (GCP, AWS, Azure, or any other.) (Required)
  • Network and / or storage certification. (Required)
  • Cisco CCNP certification (CCIE Preferred RS, DC, or enterprise).
  • Vmware certifications (VCP) on cloud, data center, security, automation.

Additional Job Description

Position: Sr Technology Architect