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Oversees CE Team Leads to ensure tasks / responsibilities are carried-out effectively and efficiently. Designs & implements career development plans for each role to ensure maximum client, operational, and personal effectiveness . Responsible for final analysis, review & approval of recommendations for improving the quality of service of Operations and maintaining high Customer Experience standards. Supports a ratio of more than 1000 frontline FTEs

Functional Responsibilities

  • Coaching and Development - Supports CE Team Leads through regular and consistent coaching. Reinforces team strengths and creates customized action plans to develop areas of opportunities within team members. Properly documents development and progress.
  • Collaboration - Encourages collaboration amongst other departments to contribute to company’s and business strategies. Designs and implements action plans, policies, and procedures to guarantee high Voice of the Customer (Top two box) performance of the company as directed by Management.
  • Operational Review - Actively participates within internal and external meetings (WBR, MBR, QBR, YBR, etc) to discuss trends, action plans and reinforces strengths to progress within account. Provides recommendations for possible solutions, and drives process innovation.
  • Call Recording Software - Ensures tool’s usage, as well as self-training for all available versions, practices and maintains an open communication with IT, and TI POC to report any outages, etc. Maintains updated data to comply with recording % according to client SOW. Ensures team members are utilizing the tool as well as trained to take advantage of all functionalities.
  • Client Relations - Manages client communication and is the point of contact to align Quality Assurance, business strategies, and contributes as partners to develop process improvement between TELUS International & the client.
  • HC Forecasting and Right-sizing - Works with Operations and Workforce in determining FTE forecasts and maintains support-to-agent ratios based on set agreements or SOW. Handles headcount requisition and ensure promotions and movements are completed.
  • Team Management - Designs improvements for departmental structures geared at providing career opportunities and growth for CE staff. Keeps abreast on departmental morale as derived from discussions with CE staff. Maintains an atmosphere of open communication by scheduling regular group discussions with team members to illicit information on needs, requests, and issues currently faced. Coordinates and assists in resolving concerns faced by CE team members. Performs administrative tasks such as payroll, status change forms, 202 folders, etc.


  • Adaptive to changing work schedules and working hours
  • Knowledge of call center operations, organization and client-specific functions such as account handling, metrics and client applications.
  • At least 3 years experience in the Quality department and at least 2 years as an Assistant Manager or Manager with great performance

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