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Support Positions

Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities

  • Planning and Preparing: • Creates lesson plans for training delivery; • Reviews, evaluates and modifies, if necessary, the training curriculum (all training modifications must be approved by the client); • Prepares materials and resources for training delivery; • Reserves training room and equipment; • Checks equipment and networks for functionality and access; • Reviews and masters all content and activities for instruction.
  • Training Delivery: • Provides clear instruction using a variety of techniques and activities; • Enforces adherence and attendance of participants; • Maintains a positive learning environment; • Evaluates learning and mastery of content, skills and procedures; • Provides feedback and guidance to learners; • Enforces company rules and policies during training hours.
  • Training Reports: • Completes daily, weekly, and end of training reports and submit to all pertinent parties; • Signs off trainees with individual reports to the operations supervisor; • Records and explains training attrition; • Recommends changes to curriculum, methods or activities based on observations during training delivery. Needs Analysis: • Partners with QA to determine areas of opportunity in CSR performance; • Evaluates the results of product training to curb undesirable trends or unexpected deficiencies in training programs; • Recommends training initiatives to support operations in surpassing KPI’s and metrics; • Develops action plans to remedy deficiencies.
  • Updating and Maintaining Knowledge: • Takes calls meeting the account weekly quota; • Performs quality audits to meet the account weekly quota; • Attends calibration sessions; • Reads all new processes and procedures provided by the client and/or operations; • Receives refresher training as necessary; • Remains informed and current in instruction practices, teaching methodologies and training best practices.
  • General Account Responsibilities: • Supports all areas of account operations in order to provide knowledgeable, competent and motivated staff; • Interacts with clients when necessary for training purposes, especially regarding curriculum and training modifications (All modifications must be approved by the client);
  • Other tasks as assigned by account manager: •  Maintains training materials to ensure documentation is current and relevant given market changes and evolution; •  May contribute to the design of training events and learning solutions; • Tracks and manages performance in the classroom and, if required, manage transition to team mgr./stakeholder; • Follows standard evaluation and measurement process/protocol to assess comprehension and adoption of knowledge to ensure successful job readiness transition.

External Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in any field
  • At least three (3) years experience in a call center or any similar industry
  • Project Management skills and MS office
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

Additional Job Description

Learning Services Learning Specialist for New Account, Extra