Basic Information

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Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Description and Requirements

Position Summary

Provides administrative and engagement support for the account/program by coordinating with various internal departments (i.e. CE, LS, HR, Workforce, etc…). Seeks immediate action and resolution to administrative and engagement concerns, inquiries, and issues of the account by the accurate gathering and cascading of information to and from applicable units. Supports the Operations Management in the roll-out of account initiatives by establishing accountability for administrative and engagement needs. Provides

administrative assistance and engagement support to all associates within the account.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Addresses the administrative needs of the account by coordinating with the Operations Management on account needs and goals.

  • Contributes to the attainment of optimum performance and service levels by providing administrative support for the entire account (i.e. monitoring metrics, attendance, attrition, etc...). 

  • Updates program/account files and collates team reports for program/account report generation. Files and organizes internal reports for easy access and availability.  Maintains the account's communication and bulletin boards (i.e. generates a list of winners for daily/weekly/monthly incentives on the floor, exemplary performers, promotions and new hires, etc.) 

  • Acts as the Human Resource person for the account.  Coordinates with the Human Resources departments (i.e. Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Recruitment, etc...) for HR concerns of the account (i.e. disputes, inquiries, hearings, etc.).  Transmits important documents and information and secures confidential records for proper safekeeping.  Submits disputes, inquiries, and grievances regarding payroll, compensation, and employee relations for immediate action and addressing.

  • Provides data on upcoming events to the account.