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Ortigas Center



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Support Positions

Description and Requirements

Position Summary

  • Ensures that occupational health and safety programs are in place to assess, reduce and communicate workplace risks, hazards and unsafe practices and to safeguard team members.
  • Ensures that all facilities are in compliance with regulations and all reports, permits and other requirements are submitted on time to government, PEZA and other agencies.
  • Ensure Physical Security operations are in place, to supervise guard force deployment and all Security systems in compliance of Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS.

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Manages Occupational Safety and Health (OS&H) audits, non-compliance, investigations, reports and continuous improvements by determining company hazards, risks, health impacting elements and providing recommendations and action items to correct the findings. 
  • Leads, develops and implements Occupational Safety and Health guidelines, programs and initiatives. 

  • Submits, complies to and oversees any government, LGU, PEZA and internally-required Health and Safety reports and permits. 

  • Supervise Security daily operations and submits any untoward incidents.

  • Monitor and submit all Security System issues and to take action for resolution.

  • Monitor daily guard force deployment.

  • Facilitates and conducts training and orientations on OS&H which may include BCP, ERT and DRP to build awareness and employee compliance as support to BCP Team. 

  • Ensures that records of accidents and/or occupational illnesses are up to date and properly filed. 

  • Oversee Safety and Security projects.

  • Updates budget and expense allocated. 

  • Submits other reports and documentations that may be required by the company

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