Basic Information

Ref Number


Primary Location

Ortigas Center



Description and Requirements

  • Build analytics capabilities that utilize the data pipeline to provide actionable insights

  • Work with cross functional technology stakeholders to build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and big data technologies.

  • Re-design infrastructure for greater scalability.

  • Assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional/non-functional business requirements.

  • Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements including establishing standards for development processes and technical requirements; automating manual processes; optimizing data delivery, etc.

  • Develop and ensure compliance for data management processes, policies and standards.

  • Implement and enforce controls to maintain data availability and quality.

  • Recognize and adopt best practices in data integrity, test design, analysis, validation, and documentation.

  • Tune application and query performance using profiling tools and SQL.

  • Review data at aggregate levels on a regular basis using analytical reporting tools to support the identification of risks and data patterns or trends.

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to assist with data-related technical issues and support their data infrastructure needs.

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and methods by staying abreast of state-of-the-art literature in the fields of advanced analytics, statistical modeling, and data management.


  • Knowledge of RDBMS, well versed with SQL, will be required for source data analysis/ extraction

  • Python with GCP APIs like BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Dataflow

  • Cloud Dataflow will be good to have

  • Google Data Loss Prevention API

  • Apache Nifi

  • Cloud Composer

  • Scripting on python and general bash scripts

  • Knowledge of any additional ETL tool(like Informatica) and Control-M if required to extract data from source