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  • Maintain the TSR Assignee Group for OA Create/Modify/Close: Daily. Respond to all TSR requests to create/modify/close OAs per job aids and processes within 2 business days. Correspond with stakeholders where information is missing in order to complete the request.
  • Oa Remediation: Daily. Collaborate with the Procurement and Purchasing Primes to have updated contracts and pricing documents uploaded to ACM. Perform price comparisons to update the Outline Agreement with correct price.
  • PREQ Intercept for $100k-400k threshold. Daily. Assist the Service Purchasing and Material Purchasing coordinators with increased volume of PREQ intercept. Assist with requesting more information from stakeholders to ensure PREQ compliance. Compare pricing/quotes submitted vs. outline agreement pricing (and vice versa). Suggest best price to business and/or Procurement and update according to response and process/job aids. Record savings.
  • Daily reporting: Record changes and benefits to the OA Progress Tracker.
  • Workflow: Daily. action all workflow items pending where required.
  • Meet or exceed levels of service as determined and measured on Supply Operations scorecard.

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