Basic Information

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Primary Location

Ortigas Center



Job Type

Digital Solutions

Description and Requirements

As a Security Consultant on the 24/7 Security Monitoring Team - the peacekeepers of our security environment – you are ahead of the curve. With your investigative mind you thrive on identifying, assessing, qualifying and escalating events, or security incidents that could potentially impact our customers’ complex environments, applications and infrastructures. You aren’t afraid to dive in, communicate your findings and make recommendations in an effective and timely matter.

By enhancing your systems administration, application development, and IT security controls experience, this role will provide you the opportunity to develop into a fully competent cybersecurity professional in areas of security analytics, incident response, risk management and SIEM technologies.

● Provide analysis and trends of security data as part of the 24x7 Security Monitoring team via SIEM technologies. 
● Monitor for attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorized or illegal activity 
● Provide threat and vulnerability analysis as well as security advisory services 
● Investigate, document, and report on information security issues and emerging trends 
● Work with both internal and external clients to mitigate cyber risk and threats 
● Identify opportunities for efficiencies in work process 
● Participate in team problem solving efforts and offer ideas to solve client issues 
● Conduct relevant research, data analysis, and create reports 
● Perform cyber security data analyst activities 
● Work directly with software developers and cyber security engineers

Required Experience: 
● Experience and or in-debt knowledge of the following domains: 
o Hands on experience with SIEM technologies o Understanding of the TCP/IP model 
o CyberSecurity Monitoring 
o CyberSecurity Incident response and network reconnaissance 
o Engineering or Computer Science related projects o Software or application development 
o Hands-on Information Technology support role: Systems Administration, Networking or Customer Support 
● Good understanding of Unix/Linux, Windows and virtual systems 
● Experience working several projects at one time 

● Experience with Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems 
● Understanding of Information Security best practices and standards 
● Technical knowledge of enterprise security tools and concepts 
● Security+ Certification 
● Hands-on threat hunting experience 
● Strong knowledge of current trends associated with threats, vulnerabilities and exploits