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Support Positions

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Position Summary:

  • Responsible for in-depth analysis of data for client / program-specific business needs and the design, development and delivery of solutions to meet those business needs.

  • Focus on continuous process improvement, execution and delivery

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the primary Team Member responsible for providing leadership & oversight of QoS (Quality of Service) Metrics across entire TI Enterprise and whose main objective includes, but is not limited to, the following: QoS (Quality of Service) Governance Model Walk-Through or Presentations - educating and making Stakeholders aware of QoS (Quality of Service) via a walk-through of the QoS Governance Model as well as all other Processes, Tools and other Documentation that may be associated with said program (i.e. RACI Model, Ticketing & Submission Tools, SiSense Dashboard, SLT deck, etc.) QoS Audits - SOW Review, Data Validation, Goals or Targets Validation, Metric or KPI Validation, Simulation & Analysis, Scorecard Finalization or Updates.

  • Provide help or assistance in securing Stakeholder or Client approvals on QoS Scorecards for the business

  • Provide help or assistance with regard to SOW Updates (i.e. Change Orders, etc.)  in the absence of CRM or Client Services within the program

  • Updating SiSense Dashboard to reflect newly approved KPIs, Targets, Categories or Weights for Reporting 

  • Risk assessment / mitigation – Identifying consistent red-flagged programs based on performance trend analysis or any underlying factors that may lead to client escalation 

  • Stakeholder update presentations – SLT deck creation for COO and CEO which includes QoS Analysis on Performance Trends, Root Cause, Waivers, etc. 

  • Leads and/or provide assistance in terms of user interface development and processes (i.e. SiSense, Ticketing & Submission Tool, etc.) and builds data cubes or dashboards for reporting and analysis needs 

  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of reporting tools and documents submitted within the prescribed period in adherence to TI quality standards (i.e. Data validation, format, grammar, etc.

  • Work with multiple stakeholder groups across multiple TI Geographies to collect and present the QoS Scorecards as well as its results and other reporting tools as necessary

  • Observes or sits in during QoS Governance Model Presentations and Walk throughs conducted by the Business Intelligence Sr. Manager and may lead some himself/herself from time to time in the absence of the former

  • Serves as Tier 2 Support to Tier 1 Team Member when it comes to resolving tickets or other issues reported by End-Users and responds to Stakeholders’ issues by engaging the appropriate parties required (i.e. Business Intelligence Sr. Manager, Global Shared Services VP, COO, etc.) to help de-escalate or resolve issues

  • Attends training conducted by Business Intelligence Sr. Manager and other online training required to ensure his/her continuous learning & development.