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Noida - 135 - BPO



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Business Process Outsourcing

Work Style

On Site

Description and Requirements

● Works with customers to identify service-related needs and offers the most appropriate solutions while providing world-class customer service. 
● Diagnoses and resolves basic network and modem functionality issues, including landline troubleshooting.
● Walks customers through common phone hardware and software configurations to maximize service functionality.
 ● Provides solutions and resolution resources for customer repair problems.
● Interfaces with customers over the phone providing status updates and ensuring service has been restored.
● Schedules a technician dispatch for on-site service calls when necessary. 
● Escalates appropriate technical issues to upper-level technical support when needed. What We Look For in a Candidate 
● Ability to multitask in a Microsoft Windows environment and utilize multiple programs for troubleshooting. 
● Requires customer contact and the ability to effectively communicate over the phone with both internal and external customers 
● Must be a consistently flexible, independent, self-motivated problem solver who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment 
● Demonstrated strong interpersonal communication skills when working with both internal and external customers. 
● Ability to work flexible hours including evenings, weekends, holidays, and overtime is required 
● Experience with common internet software is preferred. 
● Preferred but not required: 6 months experience in technical support, help desk, and/or contact centers. Work From Home System Requirements: 
● Must subscribe to High-Speed Internet Service with minimum speed of 10 mbps (No VoIP service is allowed). 
● PC must be physically connected to modem/router using Ethernet cable (i.e. computer cannot be run on a wireless connection) 
● You are responsible for establishing a dedicated workplace in your home or work location. 
● The workplace must have adequate work surface and be free of background noise and distractions. 
● During assigned work hours you must make arrangements for childcare and ensure that pets or others cannot be heard by customers. Education Competencies 
● Innovation & Agility ○ Meets Definition: Approaches work with a continuous improvement mindset; takes a creative approach to problems or opportunities; can work effectively under ambiguous circumstances; applies alternative solutions; leverages multiple sources for new ideas; keeps the needs of the business and customer in mind. 
● Accountability Ownership ○ Meets Definition: Makes clear connections between individual accountability and success of the company; avoids a victim mindset and transference of responsibility; follows through to resolve issues even when they are beyond immediate job responsibilities; takes ownership for downstream results. Demonstrates a high level of commitment and perseveres in the face of challenges or setbacks. 
● Communication & Self Awareness ○ Meets Definition: Approaches all communications with honesty and openness; ensures that information is timely and relevant; provides clear, concise oral and written communications; actively asks for feedback, input and checks for mutual understanding; adapts communications to the audience; gains agreement to support ideas; leverages ideas and information from others; maintains respect for fellow employees and understands how personal behaviors impact others. 
● Customer First ○ Meets Definition: Has a customer centric mindset; places all work and accountabilities in context with the needs of external or internal customers; meets or exceeds expectations and service requirements; acts promptly to resolve issues; looks for opportunities to add value for the customer; maintains relationships based on honesty, trust, and respect. 
● Urgency & Courage ○ Meets Definition: Distinguishes items of key importance and applies the appropriate action timely; responds with an insistent character; possesses the conviction and fortitude to face difficult situations through rational, balanced means. 
● Collaboration & Alignment ○ Meets Definition: Maintains productive relationships within and outside the team; understands key stakeholder; shares important or relevant information; can find common ground, facilitates cooperation and teamwork; proactively addresses issues and problems to achieve common objectives.
● Celebration & Have Fun ○ Meets Definition: Demonstrates gratitude and thankfulness through interactions with co-workers and customers; recognizes and responds quickly to exceptional work with proclamations of praise appropriate to the individual; actively finds enjoyment in their role and encourages those around them. 
● Effective Decisions ○ Meets Definition: Applies expertise, experience and judgment to reach good decisions; accurately determines the types and levels of information required; takes appropriate risks, manages conflicting priorities; moves quickly from problem to resolution and has a "fail fast" mentality where needed; maintains momentum and recovers quickly from setbacks; understands how individual and team responsibilities and performance impact the overall success of the Company, process, system; empowers, enable and trusts others to make decisions.

Additional Job Description

The Role The Repair Service Attendant role is responsible for providing upbeat customer service as a contact center representative to assist current voice and high-speed internet customers. Troubleshoots service-related issues including hardware and software configurations. All contacts are inbound and are technical support only, 
NO SALES REQUIREMENTS. The Main Responsibilities 

Language Reference

EEO Statement

At TELUS International, we enable customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. TELUS International is the global arm of TELUS Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Canada.   We deliver contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to some of the world's largest corporations in the consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications and utilities sectors. With global call center delivery capabilities, our multi-shore, multi-language programs offer safe, secure infrastructure, value-based pricing, skills-based resources and exceptional customer service - all backed by TELUS, our multi-billion dollar telecommunications parent.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At TELUS International, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All aspects of employment, including the decision to hire and promote, are based on applicants’ qualifications, merits, competence and performance without regard to any characteristic related to diversity.
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