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Support Positions

Description and Requirements

PSA is a dedicated resource as stipulated in the Statement of Work. As a dedicated PSA, mastery of the account supported is important.

•  Data mining and analysis - provides analysis based on raw data.

•  Investigation - coordinates with different point persons, investigating software codes.

•  Analysis presentation - discusses findings with the Account General Manager. May also do client presentations subject to Account General Manager's request.

•  Spot check audit - continuously audits and monitors established policies and guidelines.

•  Creation of incident report - files incident report on agreed violation of policy.

•  Attend admin hearings - attends admining hearing as a resource person discussing the nature of the incident report and how it was established.

•  Assistance in development of process improvement to minimize fraud within the account supported- able to assist operations in strengthening controls for fraud prevention controls. Flags and presents any possible risk as seen in the audit of processes.

•  Recommendation - evaluates cases for patterns and trends to identify failures in policies, procedures and/or internal controls.

•  Risk assessment of accounts - regular risk assessments for the account supported.

•  Continuous fraud awareness program - covers management and agent level. Includes monitoring for iWATCH.

•  Handles any possible fraud investigations as requested by the company or the clients and provide objective documented findings.

•  Ensures all fraud control compliance measures are completed as directed by the Fraud and Risk Lead.

•  Completes regular Products and Policies testing and other requirements to ensure continued skill improvement required to accomplish the tasks assigned.

•  Performs tasks assigned by the Fraud and Risk Lead/Sr Manager for the accomplishment of the account’s and/or department’s objectives.

Additional Job Description

Supports operations in enhancing its quality of service through ensuring a strong process for operational risks management and governance on fraud prevention and control. The role is expected to carry out the following: 1) Conducts fraud investigations to detect and prevent fraud or abuse. 2) Ensures information security policies and procedures as defined by the client are followed by the program. 3) Ensures monitoring and reporting of business criticals as defined by the clients.