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Vertis North



Job Type

Support Positions

Description and Requirements

Position Summary

  • Manages all administrative functions at the front desk area (including, but not limited to, headset and locker issuance) and serves as the front liner of the Facilities Department.

  • Functional Responsibilities

  • Receives and routes incoming calls to respective team members and departments in the company.

  • Ensures that all calls are handled in a courteous, efficient, and expedient manner.

  • Manages document logistics.

  • Manages the online tool for reservations on common meeting areas (i.e Boardrooms, Small Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Lounge, etc..)

  • Coordinates with other internal departments to ensure that equipment in all common meeting room areas are all in good condition.

  • Manages and monitors tickets, emails, and other administrative functions on the units.

  • Manages and monitors lockers, pedestals, laterals, and cabinet issuance.

  • Sends out emergency notification, coordinates emergency facilities calls.

  • Manages site facilities directory.

  • Amendable to work on graveyard, holiday & weekend shifts.

Additional Job Description

refer to Facilities assistant JD

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