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1. Manages the day-to-day operations of the Learning Services Team by setting weekly goals and specific  tasks, subsequently monitoring the LSSes’ performance against these established goals and objectives. Allocates resources to achieve delivery of given tasks. Coordinates with other Learning Services  Supervisors (LS Supervisor) in the reservation and allocation of training resources. Works with the  Learning Services Coordinator in procuring and managing training supplies and funds for new hire  classes. 

2. Oversees generation of reports drafted on training matters before forwarding to the requisitioning party.  Manages proper collation of data provided by various parties that contribute to the overall output of the LS  Team. Creates recommendations, as required, to address account-specific issues and/or concerns.  Ensures that reports are accurately processed, delivered, and documented following the company  policies.  

3. Assists Learning Services Manager in conceptualizing, developing, implementing and measuring training  interventions that address program and team member opportunities. Designs and implements training  plans to guarantee excellent performance of the company as directed by the Leadership team.  Coordinates with other departments for requirements and other support as necessary. 

4. Builds a robust reporting packet of relevant training analytics that the LSM and other program  stakeholders can use to drive business decisions. Maintains reporting library to afford for ease of access  to Learning Services Manager and program stakeholders. Assists Learning Services Manager in  preparing business review presentations. 

5. Oversees the execution of training deliverables such as recurrent training and JiTT/Vitality completion.  Supervises the implementation of training projects. Applies training best practices as identified by the  Learning Services Manager. Assists the Learning Services Manager in certifying the product knowledge  of Learning Services Specialists. Observes and evaluates training classes. 

6. Attends call listening and calibration sessions to maintain level of knowledge about the accounts in  his/her jurisdiction. Remains informed and current in instruction practices. Helps Learning Services  Manager in keeping the training curriculum up to date. 

7. Coaches, mentors, conducts one-on-one discussions and manages the performance of LS team  members regarding work ethics, productivity, KPIs and career growth. Devises development plans,  performance interventions, and career paths and prepares them to handle increased responsibilities. 

8. Keeps abreast on departmental morale as derived from discussions with LS staff. Maintains an  atmosphere of open communication by scheduling regular group discussions with team members to illicit  

information on needs, requests, and issues currently faced. Coordinates and assists in resolving  concerns faced by LS team members.  

9. Prepares the payroll files based of his/her direct reports’ attendance. Ensures the timely submission of  payroll files to Compensation & Benefits for the on-time and accurate crediting of salaries. 

10. Conducts interviews with applicants for LS staff positions. Assesses applicants based on skills, work  attitudes, and behaviors required to ensure that the LS team comprises competent and efficient team  members. Provides feedback to HR-Talent Acquisition on the outcomes of applicant interviews. 

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Oversees a team of Learning Services Specialists (LSS) for small to medium-sized programs to ensure  tasks/responsibilities are carried out effectively and efficiently. Provides tactical support to the Learning Services  Manager (LSM) in the creation of integrated learning solutions for TELUS International Philippines. Designs and implements career development plans for the LSSes. Responsible for final analysis and the drafting of  recommendations for the perusal of immediate manager for improving operational training designed to achieve  continuous improvement of agents and trainees. Generates internal and external client reports on training data  and analysis.