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Position Summary

To execute various operational activities in their functional area to ensure the achievement of hiring targets for the different accounts and departments, as well as to provide assistance to HR Officers on special projects. Sr. Associates are also entrusted to help HR Officers with the mentoring and upskilling of associates.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Performs recruitment activities (i.e. paper screens, phone screens, face-to-face interviews, orientations) with emphasis on compliance with established recruitment processes and procedures. Provides new insights and ideas on current recruitment practices and suggests improvements from a procedural perspective. Aims to bring about increased efficiency and expediency in all recruitment activities.

  • Conducts research and monitors all movements of key people within the industry.

  • Provides updates on hiring requirements to the TA Manager for reporting purposes, status feedback to applicants, tracking purposes, and effective monitoring of applications processed / to be processed.  Prepares, maintains, and files the proper documentation in order to track recruitment initiatives and output against required numbers. Performs records management activities.

  • Ensures the accurate input of information in databases for processed applications, the generation of campaign–specific reports, and other internal recruitment reports. Supports the HR Officer/s in reporting duties to ensure efficient communication of hiring updates.

  • Aligns and calibrates with hiring requirements of the different departments / accounts (i.e. skills, capabilities, competencies, educational level). Develops and fosters close relationships with customers.  

  • Takes part in the Final HR Interview stage of the recruitment process.

External Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, HR Management or equivalent

  • Two (2) to Three (3) years of work experience in recruitment/head-hunting or sourcing preferably within the BPO/ITO industry. Exposure to customer service, sales, or any labor-intensive industry is a plus.

  • General knowledge of Recruitment and selection practices, procedures, processes, concepts, and principles.  General / basic knowledge of other Human Resources principles and concepts (i.e. Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations).  General / basic knowledge of BPO/ITO  manpower demand.  Proficiency with MS Office applications (i.e. MS Word, Excel); Interviewing and Assessment skills.

  • Strong ability to operate effectively in a busy and changing office environment

  • Strong ability to be resourceful and follow through on action items

  • Proven ability of high attention to details

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