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Description and Requirements

Functional Responsibilities

  • Ensures the profitability of the program/s by driving for the attainment of Client-specified KPIs and targets. Monitors the queue to ensure that service metrics are met, as well as monitors sales metrics through proper coaching, consequence management, etc.

  • Upholds company policies as it relates to the program/s and drives for adherence to such policies. Ensures that checks on attendance, schedule adherence, and decorum in the workplace are executed for uninterrupted operations and to uphold the Company’s standards of professionalism.

  • Maintains company-set ratios on staffing to ensure smooth operations of the program/s. Complements the forecasted call volume of the program/s with the adequate manpower on the floor by periodically checking forecasts versus actual call volumes.

  • Coordinates with Workforce for net staffing requirements and scheduling of agents given leaves, absences, and attrition. Requests for overtime or 6th day work in order to meet service metrics by efficiently handling the forecast and / or spikes in call volumes. 

  • Drives for the recognition and reward of top-performing team members by ensuring the pay-out of incentives and the provision of additional roles and responsibilities for succession planning / leadership development. Dutifully conducts performance planning / appraisals / feedback meetings and accomplishes the necessary performance appraisal forms in order to assess high potential team members. 

  • Ensures that proper action is taken for non-performing associates/CIAs as well as those with documented infractions against company policies. Provides coaching and mentoring to associates and team Captains who do not meet their metrics, and carries-out the appropriate disciplinary actions. 

  • Spearheads the design and implementation of daily, weekly, and monthly incentive schemes in order to drive performance on the floor. Ensures the objective stack ranking of team members in terms of metrics / performance to provide a solid basis for performance assessments.

  • Provides opportunities for immediate coaching for associates and Team Captains who fall below the program/s’ standards and drives for improved performance. 

  • Ensures that all Company and / or Client updates are cascaded to all individuals in the program/s by conducting regular meetings with TCs. Disseminates information in a timely manner, taking into consideration information sensitivity and confidentiality. 

  • Liaisons with Top Management and the Client regarding the program/s’ performance. Analyzes the necessary information (i.e. Baleen, top and bottom performing teams / agents) and translates this to tangible and relevant data on program performance. 


  • Two (2) to three (3) years Call Center Operations, Customer Service, Business Process Outsourcing or Telecommunications experience in an Asst. Managerial or Managerial capacity.

  • Proficient in call center operations and organization required.  Prior knowledge of client-specifics preferred.  Proficiency with MS Office applications (i.e. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc...) and other call center-specific software / systems (i.e. CMS/IEX, Baleen, Blue Pumpkin, etc...).

  • Strong client relations, leadership, project management and people management skills

  • Excellent spoken and written English communication skills

  • Adaptive to changing work schedules and working hours

  • Can work with minimal supervisor

  • Excellent time management, multi-tasking, problem-solving and decision-making skills

Additional Job Description

Position  Summary

Ensures the profitability of the account/s / program/s by making certain that client KPIs, goals, and targets are met. Ensures that company-set ratios for staffing are maintained for smooth operations of the program/s, and that the manpower complement is sufficient for the forecasted call volume. Ensures that everyone within the program strictly abides by Company and Client policies and procedures. Recognizes and rewards top performers while carrying out disciplinary action / consequence management for non-performers.

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