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Missouri - DNU, Pennsylvania - DNU



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  • Front line leader in the Talent Acquisition team.

  • They lead teams in two or more functional areas and help in the execution of tactical activities in each area, with greater emphasis on team mentoring as well as a focus on developmental initiatives to groom for further growth.

  • This role also identifies individuals who are capable of a greater span of control from a team handling perspective.

  • Ensures attainment of hiring targets and job qualifications.

  • Provides input to the recruitment process, reviews and identifies areas for improvement, and suggests and executes new strategies to bring about increased efficiency and effectiveness of the Talent Acquisition function.

  • Establishes professional working relationships with other internal and external groups / organizations to ensure recruitment activities align with the fast-paced and continuously changing business demands. 

  • Recommends and executes new action plans to increase quality candidates.

  • Empowers respective team members in the different Talent Acquisition functions and tasks. Assists the HR Manager / Sr HR Manager in  the planning and implementation of innovative and strategic initiatives.

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with hiring managers in various departments to define recruitment needs and plan the hiring process

  • Analyzing existing talent acquisition procedures and developing new, more efficient methods of finding great candidates.

  • Using resume parsers, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and candidate relationship management (CRM) software to streamline recruitment processes.

  • Set hiring goals (e.g. quarterly and annual)

  • Track recruitment KPIs such as time to fill, attrition & compliance

  • Manage all communication with candidates from the moment they apply until they get onboard

  • Source candidates on job boards, resume databases, professional networks and through referrals

  • Interview candidates at various stages of the hiring process (phone screening calls, video interviews and in-person meetings)

  • Use skill assessment tools and tests to screen candidates

  • Oversee internal and external communication, making sure that our company maintains a positive reputation as an employer (for example on Jobstreet, LinkedIn and social media)

  • Organize hiring events and participate in job fairs to network with potential candidates

Required skills + qualities (technical):

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, business administration, human resources management, or a related field.

  • Experience recruiting in the corporate recruitment in a BPO/ITO Industry.

  • At least 3 years of experience in people management.

  • Familiarity with applicant tracking systems (ATS), such as Avature and Workday