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As an AWS  DevOps team member you’ll be responsible for building, maintaining, and

operating the infrastructure to support a global multi-tenant platform. This includes:

AWS Infrastructure Setup: Plan, design, and implement an efficient AWS infrastructure

to support a global multi-tenant environment, including virtual networks, storage

solutions, databases, and compute resources.

Automation of Processes: Leverage AWS tools like CloudFormation, OpsWorks, and

Elastic Beanstalk to automate infrastructure setup and management processes.

Application Deployment: Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot applications on AWS

infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.

Monitoring and Logging: Implement comprehensive monitoring and logging solutions

using tools like CloudWatch and CloudTrail, enabling proactive response to any issues

or anomalies.

Microservices Management: Utilize AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS

Fargate, and Amazon ECS to manage and orchestrate microservices-based


Additional duties team members can expect to take on as they advance their role in the program include:

Security Management: Implement and maintain security protocols across AWS

services, such as IAM roles, security groups, and VPC settings, ensuring that the

organization's data is secure from threats. Design and implement resolutions to issues

found by AWS Security Hub

Performance Tuning: Optimize the performance of AWS services, including fine-tuning

databases, optimizing EC2 instances, and managing Auto Scaling groups.

Serverless Architecture Implementation: Design and implement serverless

architectures leveraging services like AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

Disaster Recovery Planning: Develop and implement disaster recovery strategies,

including backups and failover systems, to ensure data and system availability.

Cost Optimization: Regularly monitor and manage AWS costs, and implement cost-

saving measures, such as purchasing reserved instances or scheduling non-essential

resources to turn off during off-hours.

Integration with On-Premise Resources: Integrate AWS services with on-premise

resources to create a hybrid cloud environment, providing flexibility and leveraging

existing investments.

Soft Skills Required:

● Communication and Presentation Skills

● Active Listening and Feedback Incorporation

● Collaboration and Cross-Functional Coordination

● Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

● Adaptability and Flexibility

● Time Management and Prioritization

● Empathy and Customer-Centric Mindset

● Decision-Making and Strategic Planning

● Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

● Creativity and Innovation

● Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Building

● Technical Writing and Documentation

Hard Skills Required:

● Cloud Computing Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

● Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation)

● Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes)

● Networking (VPC, VPN, DNS)

● Security (IAM, KMS, WAF, AWS Security Hub)

● Serverless Architecture (Lambda, API Gateway)

● Database Management (RDS, DynamoDB)

● Monitoring and Logging (CloudWatch, ELK Stack)

● Automation and Scripting (Python, Bash)

● DevOps Tools (Jenkins, Git, Ansible)

● Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (S3, Glacier)

Nice to Have Hard Skills

● Load Balancing and Scaling (ALB, ASG)

Personal qualities we are looking for include

● Passionate about process automation

● Dissatisfied with leaving things status quo, constantly pursuing optimizations,

improvements or changes

● A self-starter; must be able to self-manage components of their workload and

work autonomously often.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Educational support: Udemy for Business 

  • "Work-life balance" culture and flexible schedule

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

  • Support global projects in a multicultural environment 

Additional Job Description

We are looking for talented and passionate people like You! Join our team!

Hello, Digital Solutions disrupter! Our team is looking for a DevOps/SRE Engineer who will be responsible for 100% availability of critical systems for the project assigned.  As part of this team, you will work at the platform level to design, build and code some of the most challenging problems

EEO Statement

At TELUS International, we enable customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. TELUS International is the global arm of TELUS Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Canada.   We deliver contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to some of the world's largest corporations in the consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications and utilities sectors. With global call center delivery capabilities, our multi-shore, multi-language programs offer safe, secure infrastructure, value-based pricing, skills-based resources and exceptional customer service - all backed by TELUS, our multi-billion dollar telecommunications parent.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At TELUS International, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All aspects of employment, including the decision to hire and promote, are based on applicants’ qualifications, merits, competence and performance without regard to any characteristic related to diversity.
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