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Description and Requirements

Position Summary

To execute various operational activities in their functional area (Sourcing/Recruitment/PMT etc.). To ensure the achievement of sourcing / hiring requirements / targets for the different accounts and departments.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Prepares, maintains, and files the proper documentation in order to track recruitment initiatives and output against required numbers. Performs records management activities. Prepares employment contracts and assists in maintaining required documentation.  
  • Monitors the status of hiring requirements by ensuring close coordination among recruitment team members and the requesting department / function.  
  • Ensures the accurate input of information in databases for processed applications, the generation of campaign–specific reports, and other internal recruitment reports.  Performs Data Entry / Extraction around candidate information in appropriate system/tools. Assists and checks authenticity and completeness of required documents of the candidates. Aims to bring about increased efficiency and expediency in all data management activities.
  • Develops and fosters close relationships with customers.

Required Language(s)