Basic Information


United States of America

Job Type


Work Style


Description and Requirements

  • To participate, you must be 18 years old or older.

  • You need to live and have the right to work in the US - we cannot accept participants from CA, IL or VA.
  • Participants should have devices with ultra wide mode that is equivalent to iPhone 11 or Samsung 20 or newer. Acceptable devices can be found in the drop down list below.

  • Access to a Laptop or Desktop computer to create the required setting.

  • Mobile phone mount + Bluetooth remote. Examples:

    • Wireless Bluetooth remotes

    • Display/Shelf Mount (no remote)

    • Desktop Tripod (no remote)

    • Desktop Tripod + Wireless Remote

    • Smartwatch
  • Contributors Service Agreement (below) and ICF MUST be signed in order to participate in this study


  • The compensation is $3.75 per standard image.

  • The minimum requirement is 1 calibration image + 1 standard image.

  • The maximum amount of images you can submit is 24 ($75), which corresponds to 4 sets with 1 calibration + 5 standard images each.

  • Example how compensation will be calculated.
    1 calibration + 2 standard images (=$7.50)
    1 calibration + 3 standard images (=$11.25)
    1 calibration + 4 standard images (=$15.00)
    1 calibration + 5 standard images (=$18.75)

  • The compensation will be paid once the sets of pictures have passed the quality assessment.

  • For payments in the US, Taxpayor Information (SSN or ITIN) is required to verify your payment.

  • The compensation for the task already includes potential expenses with the required equipment (tripod/mount); no extra payments will be made.

Additional Job Description

In this study you will take pictures with your smartphone of documents or small objects on a desktop or flat surface that have been occluded, from the point of view of the webcam or display. The task takes approximately two hours. 


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