Basic Information

Ref Number


Primary Location

Pradera Xela



Job Type

Business Process Outsourcing

Description and Requirements

  • Provide customer service Answer incoming calls from consumers. 
  • Contact consumers, vendors, partners or any other party when required. 
  • Listen and identify the root of the cases, interact with the consumer on the phone to, online networks and / or email, and solve the problem accordingly. 
  • Know the performance objectives established both individual and team, which may include customer service, productivity, quality standards and any other area related to the business that is necessary. 
  • Keep your knowledge of the policies and products of the account updated 
  • Maintain adequate competition in products and support platforms. 
  • Read and make sure you understand new policies, procedures and products or updates of existing ones. 
  • Communicate with the supervisor, team members and other teams regarding problems, solutions and trends. 
  • Keeping account information confidential, protecting it from unauthorized use, ensuring that it is kept within the account only (the use of external storage units, printed materials, and other storage and distribution tools is strictly prohibited) . 
  • Document all assisted cases and perform any other task, duties or services required by the immediate superior manager. 
  • Keep an accurate and meaningful logbook of each call in the account system; according to established procedures and policies. Keep up-to-date relevant stationery and files through data entry.

Additional Job Description

The main objective of the customer service representatives is to efficiently provide accurate and high quality solutions to consumers under stipulated policies and procedures, offering support and answering consumer inquiries by telephone.

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