Consent form

Candidate Consent Form

Hvala Vam na interesovanju za prijavu za poziciju u TELUS International Europe ("TI") ili u nekoj od naših kompanija iz grupacije. Prije nego što pošaljete prijavu, pročitajte ovu obavijest i obrazac pristanka koji objašnjava zašto su nam potrebni podaci koji su uključeni u Vašu prijavu i šta ćemo učiniti s njima. Ako želite nastaviti, kliknite na dugme za slanje/podnošenje u nastavku čime dajete Vaš pristanak za obradu Vaših ličnih podataka u skladu s ovom obavijesti.

What information do we ask you to provide?

The personal information we seek in the application form is used to help us assess your suitability for the roles for which you are applying and to manage the recruitment process. The information includes:

- Your name, address and contact information – which we need to make contact with you in relation to your application.

- Detalje o svim prethodnim kvalifikacijama – koji nam pomažu da procijenimo imate li kvalifikacije relevantne za poziciju za koju se prijavljujete.

- Details of your previous work experience – which give us an idea of your relevant experience.

- Details of your language skills.

- Whether you have the right to work lawfully in the country where the position is situated – as this is a legal requirement any employer must satisfy.

Šta će se dogoditi s Vašim obrascem za prijavu i pratećim podacima nakon što ih podnesete?

Obrazac za prijavu i lični podaci koje ste uključili u početku će se čuvati u CRM bazi podataka koja je pohranjena na sigurnom sistemu servera u oblaku (cloud server system) kojim upravlja dobavljač treće strane, trenutno Avature i u našoj bazi podataka Workday u oblaku. Prijavu će zatim procijeniti tim za zapošljavanje uz podršku automatiziranih alata koji će nam pomoći da Vam što prije odgovorimo na to kako zahtjevi pozicije odgovaraju Vašim vještinama. Određeni lični podaci podnosilaca prijava koji se smatraju potencijalno prikladnim, biće prebačeni na sigurnu platformu za procjenu kojom upravlja Aspiring Minds, (ostatak za sada ostaje u originalnoj CRM bazi podataka) i ti kandidati će biti pozvani da učestvuju u nizu on-line testova za procjenu relevantnih vještina. Rezultati tih testova pomoću automatiziranog sistema bit će poslani timu za zapošljavanje, a uspješnim kandidatima bit će poslana ponuda za posao.

Prijenos podataka izvan Evrope

Each of the servers on which your personal data is stored is located in Europe. However Talent Acquisition (“TA”) managers, team leaders, members of TELUS International’s sourcing, recruiting, hiring, HR and legal teams who participate in or supervise the recruitment process will have access to the servers and some of these personnel, are themselves based outside Europe. Therefore once you submit your application form, your personal information may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), even if you are applying for a European position. Further, your information will be made available to other companies in the TELUS International group with open positions for which you have applied. We not only seek your consent to this transfer, but we also have in place a Data Transfer Agreement, (based on so-called EU model clauses), between each of our European companies and their affiliates outside of the EEA. The Agreement provides for any data transferred outside the EEA to TELUS International’s non-EU affiliates to be processed in compliance with EU data protection rules.

Your rights in relation to Your Information

You have the right to access, correct, erase or restrict our processing of the personal data you have submitted to us. If you want to exercise these rights, or have any questions relating to the processing of your personal information, you can contact our responsible Data Protection Officer.

For: Austria, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Spain (also for countries not in EU - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Turkey)
Name: Katrin Albrecht

For: Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania
Name: Daiann Irigoyen

In addition, you have the right to contact the data protection authority in your country if you consider that TELUS has infringed your privacy rights.

Security Measures

The various databases on which your data is stored have security features built into them and our vendors who supply the relevant software regularly test these and have data recovery systems in place in the unlikely event of a crash. Vendor personnel are not given access to your personal data. Only authorised personnel within the hiring, sourcing, recruiting, HR or legal teams within the TELUS International group, (including TA managers and TA team leaders) can access the system. Their entry to the system is through individually-issued passwords and we have in place audit logs, encryption, intrusion detection software, anti-virus or malware protection and system integrity tools to further protect your data. Further information about the security features of our recruitment process can be obtained by emailing or

Data Retention

The personal data of all candidates will remain in the system through the reminder of the current year and next year in the original CRM and Aspiring Minds assessment platform and stored on our Workday databases as described above. To the extent it is relevant to the candidate’s employment, the data will be stored and processed for the purposes of their future employment with TI. The personal data of unsuccessful candidates will be retained for a period of up to one year after they made their application and thereafter, unless required for TI’s legitimate purposes (for example in the case of litigation with the candidate), or by law, the data will be deleted.

Exception for CCC affiliates: If CCC concludes a contract of employment with a candidate, the data transmitted will be stored for the purposes of the employment relationship in accordance with the national law. If no employment contract is concluded between the candidate and CCC, the candidate’s documents will be automatically deleted three months after the rejection decision has been announced, unless deletion precludes other legitimate interests of CCC or the data subject has consented to a longer storage period. Other legitimate interest in this sense, for example, could be a burden of proof in a procedure under the principle of equal treatment and the respective national legal implementation.


If having read this notice you consent to our processing your personal data in the manner set out above, please click on the accept button below. Even having done so, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting or If you opt to do that, we will cease to process your application and the application including your personal data will be deleted from our databases.